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can't forget the things you never said [entries|friends|calendar]
The Belle of New Orleans

·My love for you is like a puzzle, for which I have no answers·
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[04.24.05 // 05:14pm]
So how about all you who haven't added me...add me?

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[04.23.05 // 09:52am]
How about you add me?
a forbidden love

[04.22.05 // 06:43pm]
EVERYONE, I have a new LiveJournal. It is - nerdy_leo (two underscores at the beginning).

Got that?


Add it now...please. Oh, and chances are, if you're on my friends list right now, you won't need to comment to be added on that. I pretty much added everyone.


Add it!
a forbidden love

[04.22.05 // 05:22pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Since LJ ate my updates last night --

Last night was fun at the movies. David was a present through most of it and I learned a secret about him.

I wish people didn't have to be so annoying.

I am addicted to this song and "Tear In Your Hand"...they both make me happy.

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oh God, could it be the weather? [04.21.05 // 03:27pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Today was one of the worst days. Ever. Oh, and by the way, I don't give a shit if this sounds emo because I'm through giving a rat's ass.

So, today, Madame made us ones running for an office in French Club make a speech. I felt like a retard like usual, I'm one of those people who would rather die than give a public speech. So, whatever. Then Tommy informs me that I don't have a chance to win Historian because they always vote for a junior. Thanks. Way to go for being a friend. Even if I didn't have a chance, he didn't have to say that. I guess I'm just not popular or pretty or smart enough to ever get something of true importance in my life. My confidence drops more and more everyday.

Then during the Chemistry test, we heard a sort of banging from the lab, and Mrs. Anderson decides to enlighten us with the fact that the junior class is dissecting cats (still...) and they have to hammer open their skulls. I know I have enough cats so it shouldn't really affect me that much but I started crying during the test. Just thinking about it makes me sad. Not to mention Casey and Chris Wood had to keep talking about it. Then I hear Matt Morton's loud-ass fucking voice from the lab and while I'm already having trouble concentrating because of the hammering I was almost going to go into the lab and tell him to shut the hell up myself.

I just don't like any aspect of myself. I guess to be successful in the world one has to be hot, or ditzy to the point of annoying as hell, or better yet - a combination of both! And I'm neither of those, so I guess I really do suck at life.

Now I'm off to find out why Stephen has blocked me from AIM and see what lies he comes up with now.

Thanks to all who made my day a living hell.

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[04.20.05 // 09:34pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Get over yourself.

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my heart is reeling, I'm blind and waiting for you [04.20.05 // 06:27pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Two best parts of my day that I forgot about:

"Nobody's sticking anything in me!" -Mr. G

Latrice, JT, and I all singing "Dancing Queen" during Alg. II and getting everybody else to start singing it.

I'm running for Historian of the French club. Vote for me...or die.

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I can't hide [04.20.05 // 03:18pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

So, after last night and right now, I have come to the conclusion that I really suck at painting my nails. I don't know why, it shouldn't be that hard but I guess I'm just retarded or something. I want to get acrylics again but whatever.

Awards ceremony was gay, nothing new. David and John were cracking me up though.

Hair straight today because I actually woke up before 7:30.

Who raped the Julius Caesar test today? That's right. I did.

My computer is, I swear, the gayest thing that has ever been on the earth. I don't like it when people take offense to the word 'gay' when I use it because it's not like I'm saying "this is homosexual as in it likes other computers." Geez.

Oh, and I haven't been cussing lately, just because... I dunno, I haven't... it's weird. But this is for someone out there who may or may not be on my friends list (by the way, chances are if you think it's you, you're wrong so don't worry) but uh... fuck you.

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